Latest Canned Food News

  • Go RED! With Canned Tomatoes

    6/26/2017 Alec Wasson of the Tomato Wellness Council shares why the tomato is a super food and why it offers so much goodness.

  • 5 Canned Foods to Fuel an Active Lifestyle

    6/21/2017 Lisa Dorfman, MS, RD, CSSD, is a leading Board Certified Sports Dietitian & Performance Coach. She shares her favorite go-to canned foods to help keep your body well-nourished ...

  • Empowering Kids In The Kitchen

    6/7/2017 Eric Meredith, Med, MS, RD, CHES, creator of Health Heroes Comics, shares his insights on how important it is to get kids involved in the kitchen at a young age to better understand ...

  • Menu Modeling Tool Kit

    6/6/2017 See the CFA's recent Menu Modeling Research come full circle with three menus to help Americans meet the Dietary Guidelines using canned foods.

  • Tips for Translating The Dietary Guidelines

    5/31/2017 In honor of MyPlate’s 6th birthday this June, CFA's Communications Manager offers advice on translating the 2015 Dietary Guidelines for consumers.

  • A "Fresh" Look Inside the Can

    5/11/2017 Alyson Fendrick, RD, encourages re-thinking what’s often thought of as a “whole food” as she takes a fresh look at canned food and the simple, time-honored process behind it.

  • Ten Key Items When Shopping For A Healthy Diet

    5/1/2017 Hope Danielson and Melanie Kluzek, RD's from Country Market, share how to maximize benefits of the entire grocery store when shopping healthy.

  • Surprisingly Easy And Cheap Ways To Eliminate Food Waste

    4/24/2017 Perhaps the easiest way to fight food waste: shopping in the canned food section at the supermarket.

  • 5 Earth-Day Friendly Steel Food Can Facts

    4/21/2017 Earth Day is the perfect time to proclaim the incredible sustainability story surrounding the steel food can.

  • Go Green In The Kitchen

    4/18/2017 From's Retail Dietitian Toolkit, view talking points and download education materials to help lower your environmental footprint in the kitchen.

  • Spring Brunch Recipes

    4/12/2017 Springtime is the perfect time to invite friends and family over for a relaxing brunch. You can easily serve up a delicious and nutritious meal with some simple canned food swaps.

  • Top Five Reasons Canned Foods Are A Sustainable Choice

    4/5/2017 Jim Woods, Senior Director, from the American Iron and Steel Institute talks about why canned foods bring sustainability to your next meal.

  • 5 Easy Meals That Start With $1 Can Of Food

    3/27/2017 Often overlooked, canned foods are a convenient source of essential nutrients, and their convenience simply cannot be beat.

  • Making Canned Food Part of Your Nutrition Plan

    3/21/2017 Melissa Joy Dobbins, MS, RDN, CDE separates fact from fiction when it comes to canned food nutrition.

  • 5 Canned Foods to Always Keep On Hand

    3/9/2017 Fruits, vegetables, beans and lean proteins are essential to any healthy diet; and when it comes to nutrition, all forms count.

  • Canned Foods Help Kids Eat

    3/8/2017 In honor of National Nutrition Month®, view our helpful fact sheet that explains how canned foods can help kids receive the nutrition they need.

  • Put Your Best Fork Forward

    2/28/2017 Diane Henderiks, RD, shares how to create meals that are healthier than takeout, but just as quick and easy in honor of National Nutrition Month®.

  • The Terrific Benefits of Canned Foods

    2/27/2017 WCYB in Virginia explains why canned foods are one of the best ways to get food from the farm to your family's table.

  • Canned Foods For The Health Conscious

    2/21/2017 Dietitian Abby Langer shows how canned food can work for the health conscious, while also being a little kinder on the pocket book as well.

  • Open A Can For National Canned Food Month

    2/17/2017 From - here's how and why you should celebrate National Canned Food Month.